“it is good,When I get stronger, I have to find Brother Long to join me,Swordsman!”

Most people leave,Other people have a normal relationship with him,So I just left after thanking me,Only Lu and Jian Xiao and others are left here。
Speaking of Jian Xiao and the people behind,They are a very powerful force,But Xia Chenglong knew that these people would not leave here。
really,Jian Xiao walked over,First bow very sincerely:“Mr. Xia,Thanks to you this time,Really sorry,Because of the responsibility,That’s why……”
“I know,So do you think about following me,Five years,In five years I will let the entire continent prove,The person you are with is Xeon。”
Although the possibility is relatively slim,But I still plan to invite。
Jian Xiao hesitated for a moment,nod。
“I do,just……Please give me some time,I want to make sure all the guys here die。”
The other party chooses to stay here,Xia Chenglong knows,The space here is already extremely unstable,It is very likely that there is a space crease in front of them。
So it would be dangerous to stay,But he respects the other party’s decision,This is his mission。
“it is good,I wait for you!”
Farewell,Naturally no need to stay here anymore,Everyone left。
Completely left the relics of Wan Jianzong。
So far,This is the end of the treasure hunt that has been entangled for a long time,Many people stayed here,But the same,Those who walk out from here will definitely fly to the top soon。
Because they got unimaginable benefits。
And calculate it carefully,It seems they get the most benefits。
Except for the three brothers of the Mo family who were seriously injured,The others are intact,And there are improvements,Lu Yinger and Mo Qilin have also reached the level of the Ninth-Rank Entering the Holy Realm.。
As for the mountain ghost,Yue’er has also reached the pinnacle of the eighth rank entering the Holy Realm,And there are many babies。
Ah Wu is different from everyone else,Everything he practices is different,But the knife in his arms has made him happy for a while,of course,In addition, he has also improved a lot in certain aspects。

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