Xia Chenglong doesn’t have time to manage other things,Because the guy behind is too fast,If you don’t pay attention, you may be caught up.。
Just a moment,He has been attacked by waves of venom,When the shot venom falls on the ground,Corroded it directly into a big pit。
If this gets on people,The consequences do not look at luxury。
At least Xia Chenglong is not sure that his five elements aura can block them all。
Where is it now,Don’t know,The direction Xia Chenglong is heading is exactly wherever he can go。
“Moon Slash!”
Turn around,Jump up high with the help of the number beside,Without a word, an air blade smashed at that guy’s head。
He doesn’t believe the other party’s reaction speed can be so fast?
The fact is that I was hit hard。
When did the Ninth-Rank enter the Holy Realm’s strength become so unbearable,It has no effect against the spirit beasts of the same level。
his“Moon Slash”Hit that guy firmly on the head,But the other party just shook his head,Then it’s okay,He doesn’t even have a painful expression。
How to play this?
Normal attacks seem to have no effect on these guys,If you really go to fight,Of course he has a chance to win,The key is the consequences……
This kind of place is likely to appear other powerful spirit beasts,Will be entangled,That’s it。
Daxinganling,For many warriors, it is a nightmare existence,People with bad luck can’t survive for a day。
and so……The best way is to run away。
in“Moon Slash”The moment you wave it out,Xia Chenglong already had a prediction,Nothing,Turn around and leave,Without thinking。

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