She wants to stimulate Lu Menglin’s acupuncture points with the power of external blood,Stimulate its life potential,By the way, nourish Brother Lu’s meridians,Help it regain strength。

“You seem indifferent to that thing?You can’t not know what it is?”Lu Menglin was enjoying the massage of a Dandao warrior,Asked casually。
Kasuga Mingzi was slightly startled,Can’t help but laugh:“Brother Lu,That is the space channel,To the foreign world。but,It’s not that I’m not tempted,It’s meaningless to be tempted!”
“how to say?”Lu Menglin asked curiously。
“Brother Lu,Do you think besides us two,Can anyone enter such a deep trench??Even if you send someone to dive in,How many people can come in?This can only be our secret base!”
Speaking of which,Kasuga’s face turned red.,She feels that she and Big Brother Lu share such a secret garden,It’s an indescribable happiness!
Although her identity is Fan,But she is still only a girl in age,For his savior, Brother Lu,Already secretly admiring。
Don’t say it’s a place like the bottom of the ocean.,A spatial channel with no substantive meaning,Even if this channel is not under the sea,outside,She also wishes Let Brother Lu control。
And Kasuga is not stupid,She knows very well,Because this space channel is extremely precious,That’s why she dare not stay in her own hands,Stay in the oriental country,Not guilty,The truth of guilty,She still understands。
Today, the Oriental country is obviously in a weak position in the international arena,If you let the powers know that there is a passage to foreign space in the East,I’m afraid I’m not going to get any benefits,Will be greatly impacted。
Instead of,Better to make a smarter choice,Give this spatial passage to Brother Lu,Follow the strong,I don’t have to bear so much pressure。
Kasuga Hako had psychological pressure since she was a child,I thought I wouldn’t live to be thirty years old,I didn’t expect to meet Lu Menglin,To break the curse of the wraith for her。
And after seeing the strength of these exotic monsters,Also well aware of the lack of human combat power,Alchemy Warrior,Far from being an opponent of those alien beings,Instead of carrying everything on your shoulders,It’s better to follow Brother Lu,Let’s fight together。

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