10 famous films to nourish the skin


10 famous “films” to nourish the skin

In winter, the skin becomes abnormally fragile and dry, and various skin problems follow. Large pores, disordered texture, and lack of elasticity . At this time, hydration alone is not enough, and the skin needs energy to overcome various problems.

You need an energizing mask to add nutrition to your skin!

  Creamy Mask 1, Avene Soothing Moisturizing Mask ¥ 218 / 50ml contains 70% Avene Active Spring Water, which is a disposable washable moisturizing mask.

With unique nourishing and moisturizing ingredients, it is easy to absorb and quickly provide intensive care to maintain the skin in an optimal hydration state and instantly restore its vitality.

  2, NUXE Hua Ning fresh moisturizing mask ¥ 260 / 50ml all natural plant formula, can be used as a mask, but also as an eye mask.

Front baobab extract, sweet almond extract, lilies and iris water replenish moisture to dehydrated skin, leaving skin instantly soft and supple.

Derivatives of licorice and peppercorns increase skin resistance, resistance, and reduce the chance of skin allergies.

It can be used on the face and eyes, so that the facial skin can regain its radiance, and the eye skin can be relaxed and soothed.

  3, Mysterious Water Cleansing and Moisturizing Purifying Mask ¥ 155 / 70g Relying on the new oxygen optimization theory, the micro-automatic active oxygen massage effect completely removes harmful oxygen such as metabolites hidden in deep pores and waste skin keratin.Fresh oxygen, using natural fruit essential oils such as oranges, limes and vitamin C derivatives to make the skin transparent and prevent skin dullness; bamboo, lotus, water lily and other plant complex ingredients can fully moisturize the skin; cutting-edge technologyThe perfect combination with the essence of natural plants makes the skin instantly transparent, bright and fair from the inside out.

  4, Juliet’s powerful anti-oxidation renewal mask ¥ 560 / 40ml ¥ 980 / 125ml Unique precious rose, carrot extract and other high antioxidant essence and natural herbal aroma oil ingredients mask, can effectively moisturize and repair, deep cleansing, detoxificationA purifying multi-effect mask.

Regenerate skin cells, say goodbye to dryness and suspension.

Effectively improve skin elasticity; strengthen skin, restore skin balance, smoothness and radiance.

  5, YVES ROCHER-Yif-Li Xue Nutrient Grain Scrub Mask ¥ 150 / 75ml scrub particles: gently remove aging cuticles and dead skin, unblock pores and expel toxins.

Corn grains: The nutritional value of corn is outstanding in cereals. Half of the linoleic acid and vitamin E can adjust the endocrine system, balance oil secretion, inhibit skin aging, and help skin restore elasticity.

Gently eliminates dead skin cells and dead skin, helps the skin to eliminate toxins, and instantly restores a soft, natural glow.

  Sheet Mask 1, Lange Snow Melting Mask ¥ 350 / 20ml * 8 6 kinds of ionized minerals promote skin metabolism, including calcium and magnesium required by the skin, which builds the skin’s natural moisture barrier and purifies itSkin ages dead skin cells and impurities, accelerates metabolism, and creates transparent and shiny skin.

Trace ionized minerals of Himalayan glacier water have soothing, anti-inflammatory, and strengthen skin’s own immune system.

  2, DHC Platinum Multi-face Mask ¥ 180 / 21ml * 5 DHC Platinum Multi-face Mask is Japan’s first mask with added double nano colloids.

Each sheet is filled with 21mL of beauty lotion. With the excellent sealing effect of the facial mask, the dual nano skin care ingredients are continuously sent to the stratum corneum of the skin to activate the stagnant skin function.

The contained platinum nano colloids will generate a negative charge, which will firmly absorb the water molecules in the skin through the action of electricity, so that the water entering the stratum corneum will continue to accumulate, thereby greatly improving the skin’s moisturizing power.

  3, freeplus-Fulifang silk moisturizing repair mask ¥ 240 / 27ml * 6 ¥ 130 / 27ml * 3 combined with 6 kinds of natural extracts of natural plants produced by Toyo (Cinnamon Honeysuckle / Peach Kernel Barley / Jujube / Mandrill)Adds burdensome, high-quality ingredients to the skin, making it comfortable to the touch.

Free of paraben-based preservatives, fragrances, UV absorbers, pigments, mineral oils, alcohol (ethanol).

With water storage serine 120, it can deeply moisturize the stratum corneum; double compound ingredients protect the stratum corneum.

  4, Dream makeup flower Qin Run Yan VC facial mask ¥ 99 / 20ml * 5 fresh petals penetrate into the deep layers of the skin, leaving the skin moisturizing moisture mask after asleep.

Vitamin C and isoflavones contained in rose and iris extracts make skin smooth and even.

Meng Zhuang’s unique flower moisturizing complex and Lagerstroemia indica extract effectively strengthen the skin’s moisture retention.

  5. FANCL Double Collagen Firming and Lifting Mask The double collagen mask is firm, elastic, lubricating and lifting the contour of the skin at one time.

The U-shaped design fully lifts the skin of the chin and parotid glands, making the skin more firm and firm, more elastic, and fully anti-gravity based on physical principles.

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