Yoga, white cappuccino

Yoga, white cappuccino

Most white-collar women choose weekends to experience meditation, rest, and the spiritual evolution process of self-transformation. From yoga meditation and chanting, they can experience the philosophy of yoga and realize its true meaning.

Yoga is an aerobic exercise and there are more than 100 commonly used postures.

Yoga posture can effectively cure “white-collar syndrome” by standing, sitting, kneeling, lying, standing upside down, etc., bending, tilting, and twisting various parts of the body in various postures.

In addition, the effect of yoga for weight loss and body shaping is very obvious and lasting.

At the same time, it can strengthen people’s perseverance, patience and concentration.

No wonder white-collar workers hesitate high training costs and draw healthy nutrients from yoga in exchange for beautiful bodies and true selves.

  The beautifully shaped “crocodile twist” is a way to alleviate the “white-collar syndrome”.

  ”Bow” yoga is the best way to relieve fatigue!

  Practice yoga in the 500-year-old clock tower, leading the body to the realm of harmony between heaven and man!

  The action seems difficult, but it is a “small dish” in yoga!

  Use compression bands to strive for more perfect movements. White-collar women who work in office buildings meditate in soothing yoga chants. They soak in documents and phone all day, and their busy working conditions overwhelm their tired bodies.

In order to reduce work pressure and find a spiritual sustenance, white-collar workers chose to practice yoga, just like people who have a busy day sitting down and enjoying a cup of cappuccino with milky fragrance, instead of relaxing, it is a choiceA way of purifying the mind.

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