“what,Do you can’t say this??I am still thinking about this big brother is so strong.,Can you help you restore your death??”

A protective face,He is not clear about the law of the corpse,Plus the night, I just saved him.,So intuition tells him,Night should be a good person。
“This is no wonder that,never mind,I will see it this time.。
After all, my mission is stationary.,As for others,It doesn’t matter to me.。
Dimia,What you have,How long does it take?。”
Under the expression of Lucia,Night said so。
I don’t plan to expose myself.,Lucia also expressed gratitude,鞠躬,There is also a guardian of Lucia strongly。
“Nothing,Then I will go first.,We will also see”
Night 出 出 神 神 微,Directly disappeared in Lucia and a guard。
“So fast,I can’t see his movements completely.。”I looked at the night without a trace in front of it.。
“certainly,Just that the death of the big brother,Although it is the four,But strength conservative estimation,It should also be the team leader。
There is also a guard,I can’t disclose it in the future.,You are information about human beings become dead。
Because this is in the net spirit,Not allowed,If you are known by the net spirit,You will be processed,And I will be taken back to the corpse of the world to accept the trial.。”
Lucia feels necessary,Give a college related law to a net spirit,Otherwise one day in the morning and evening,She has to be killed by a guard。
“What to say,Just the big brother called the night,Did not expose us,It’s a helping us.?”I said some of the lack of knowledge。
“Yes,Otherwise you think,Why are I thank you??
Still look good,The dead god called the night,Not a dead god of people,Should be a good person?。”
Lucia is also a big loose tone,If you have just come, the members of the two teams,Particularly,Can you http://www.art0372.cn tell you the so-called thing?。
After dealing with the good things,A protective and Lucia have also returned。
At present, Lucia is temporarily living in Kurosaki.,And still live in the same room.。
Although a protective guard,Didn’t have a little story in Lucia
But it is also a little story.,Don’t let a nobleman far in the body of the corpse,Probably study the Kurosaki sliced。
And Lucia called the night’s night,What are you doing again??
He at this time,Before you get to a store,Blonde businessman is wearing a wooden,Negotiate。
And this man is also a big person,The captain of the twelfth team of the thirteen team of the farmland,Director Pudu, Director of the Science and Technology Development Bureau。
Also study“Collapse”This anti-heaven artifact,But because some contradictions occurred with the soul of http://www.onebestone.cn the corpse,So fleeing to the present。
At present, it is a wanted existence of the corpse,With him,And the captain of the original ghost,And the captain of the original two teams,Si Fengyuan Night。
“The captain said that it is right.,I didn’t expect the gang of the goddess in the world.,It’s actually hiding in the world.。”
In fact, Puyuan Hoard is hiding in the world.,Many people in the corpse are known。
But due to their uneven harm,And I want to crusade the existence of several captains in the world.,There are too many factors to face.。Therefore, the net spirit will take it.,Have a state of one eye。
When you are looking for your door,There is not too surprised by the Pudao Group.。

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