With Wang Dazhi’s words,Hafei Factory、Several leaders of Chengfa Factory looked at Chen Geng。

In the opinion of the leaders of Hafei Plant and Chengfa Plant,Chen Geng wants this aviation equipment、equipment、The right to import and export technology is simply asking for trouble,Let’s produce the plane,Then the sales and after-sales matters are directly left to those people at China Aviation Technology Import and Export Corporation、Let them worry about it,Let’s relax,How comfortable?
Hafei、The leaders of Chengfa Factory couldn’t understand Chen Geng’s approach.,In their view,Chen Geng’s practice is simply taking off his pants and farting——Do more。
Chen Geng smiled,No direct answer,But to ask Wang Dazhi:“Director Wang,Your hafei luck—11TThis plane,Now that we have reached that point?”
So-called luck—11T,Actually luck—12,Because the situation at that time was quite special,It also involves some interest entanglements between the Ministry of Aviation Industry and the Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources.,Luck—12Is draped in luck—11Developed in the name of improved。
Although I don’t quite understand why Chen Geng asked about luck,—11T,Wang Dazhi still said honestly:“01The full static test of the prototype aircraft and the ground simulation test of other systems have been completed,Being assembled for test flight02Prototype,Everything is going well now。
If nothing happens,02The first flight will be completed in July,Technical appraisal will be completed probably next year,It’s just that now our Hafei wants to work with you,This one……”
Chen Geng understands what Wang Dazhi meant,If the Hafei Plant does not form a joint venture with Chen Geng,Luck—11TEverything is worried about by the state,But after the joint venture with Chen Geng,Luck—11TWill be placed under the umbrella of the joint venture between Hafei and Chen Geng as a civil aircraft,This way,Want to get the state’s financial allocation to continue to transport—11TGo on,I’m afraid it will be difficult。
In fact,Not just inside the Hafei factory,Took out100Wanlai supports Hafei Factory—11TThe Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources—11TIs worried about his future。
Chen Geng said with a smile:“I can understand your concerns,Now I can give you a positive answer:Luck—11TThe development will definitely go on,And I will do my best to guarantee R&D and test flight、And all the funds needed for evidence collection。”
I heard Chen Geng’s words,Not only Hafei,The leaders of the Ministry of Aviation Industry present were also secretly relieved。
Compared to luck—11,A turboprop-powered transport—11TIn commercial、The range and comfort have been greatly improved,And luck—11compared to,Luck—11TIt can be said that there is a leap forward,Such a good plane,If Chen Geng gave up because of the box,That would be a shame。
it’s good now,Chen Geng said he would not give up,Will also guarantee the required funding,Not to mention the leadership of Hafei Factory and the Ministry of Aviation Industry,Even heyun—11TUnrelated people from Chengfa Factory,Also happy。
“In addition,”Chen Geng continued:“Director Wang,If you can,You’d better finish the finalizing work quickly,The construction of production lines should also be accelerated,Don’t be afraid to spend money……”
Facing Wang Dazhi’s suspicious look,Chen Geng said with a smile:“Because in the next two to three years,I will purchase at least100frame。”
Everyone at the scene immediately exploded!
In the next two to three years,Chen Geng will purchase at least100Carriage—11T?
Just kidding!

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