Xie Xiu didn’t escape,Qin Feng banged down the window with a punch,He fell on the lawn under the villa,Vomited blood again,Got up and ran without looking back。

Qin Feng wants to chase,But Jiang Yan’s arm was grabbed to death。
quickly,Qin Feng found something wrong,Jiang Yan’s mood seems abnormal,He forcibly lifted her head。
I saw Jiang Yan’s face dark,There is still a black blood coming out of the tip of the nose。
“not good,Could it be that you are cursed?”
Qin Feng was shocked,Put one hand on Jiang Yan’s pulse,Then checked,As expected。
Right now he doesn’t think about evil cultivation,Quickly bring the true energy into Jiang Yan’s body,Break that curse for her。
Feel the breath in the curse,Qin Feng knows,This was done by the evil cultivator just now,But it’s definitely not the time for the two。
“Xiaoyan,Have you met that person just now??”
now,Jiang Yan is free of curse interference,The mood calms down quickly,Back then,He nodded。
“Have seen,At noon,I met him when I went to dinner,He wanted to move me but was driven away by the hotel security。”
“Is there anything else special??”
Qin Feng asked。
“correct,He touched my hand,It hurt,Like being stabbed。”

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