The promotion budget is the best indicator of how much a company values a certain product,This budget level shows that Chrysler is really right“family”Hold great hope,Products that are not truly strategic are not eligible for this level of budget at all。Chen Geng nodded and asked:“I have a question,Since you have such a large budget,Must have hired an image spokesperson?”

“of course,”Not waiting for Li·Iacocca speak,The supervisor in charge of the promotion said with pride:“We are going to invite the famous‘007’:Roger·Mr. Moore as our image spokesperson?”
Seems to be able to invite Roger·Moore endorses its own products,He is very proud。
Speaking of,If you can really invite Roger·Moore came to speak for Chrysler,It’s really worth Chrysler’s pride,Although Roger·Moore has only performed so far4unit007Movie series,Bishaun·Connery7Much worse,But don’t forget one point,That’s Roger·Moore’s latest release007the film《007Space City》in6The month just finished,Sean·Connery’s most recent show007the film《007Diamond》That’s all1971Year’s matter,Compared to more“ancient”Shaun·Connery,Roger·Moore is undoubtedly more able to represent007,Also has more market influence。
But Chen Geng’s expression is a bit exciting:“Mr. Iacocca,Are you sure you really hired Roger·Mr. Moore came as‘family’Ambassador?”
“Yes,”Seeing Chen Geng’s face doesn’t look pretty,Lee·Iacocca couldn’t help but ask:“What’s the problem?”
“What’s the problem?I can probably understand that you choose Roger·Moore’s reason,Is he the most famous international superstar now?,But can you tell me,Roger·Moore、Including what you value in him‘007’factor,What’s in line with us‘family’This feature?Do you want to tell users,even‘007’This one‘In the flowers,No leaves’The prodigal son of love‘family’He became a good man after that?Please!”
Spread both hands,Chen Geng said unceremoniously:“Sir you,You tell me,Do you think Roger·Moore’s traits,Meet a positioning as‘family’Car??in my opinion,Roger·Mr. Moore even endorses a watch、Even endorsing Motorola’s mobile phones,More than endorsement‘family’This car is much stronger。”
Lee·Iacocca’s face changed instantly。
Not only Lee·Iacocca’s face changed,The faces of other Chrysler executives in the conference room also changed,They realized that they had made a big mistake,If you really ask Roger·Moore speaks for himself“family”This car,This is not only very likely to backfire,It may even be the biggest mistake Chrysler made this year.——Roger·Moore can’t endorse cars,But his characteristics,Decided that he is more suitable to endorse a sports car or a luxury car,But it’s only not suitable for endorsement“family”Property car。
First179chapter Brother and sister
Chen Geng’s expression seems to be teasing:Chrysler Motors is also a world-class car manufacturer anyway,You make such a simple mistake?
Sounds a bit incomprehensible,But it’s really like this,Chrysler with countless elites,Really made such a simple mistake,So as to meet Chen Geng’s gaze,For the first time, all Chrysler executives avoided Chen Geng’s sight……They all think this error is a bit naive and low-level。

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