in fact,The location of the Lin’s villa is also considered to be more sophisticated,No matter from which aspect,Is considered a better place,but,Even the best place,After so many years of life,Logically,It can’t be regarded as attractive to Lin Yoona.!

Even though Lin Yoona occasionally has such a time,But in Xiao Fan’s view,This anyway,There shouldn’t be such a time of loss!
“What are you thinking?”Xiao Fan gently hugged her behind Lin Yun’er and said。
“Xiao Fan,You’re back?”Lin Yoona turned her face in surprise and said。
Actually, no wonder Lin Yuner asked Xiao Fan in such a pleasant surprise,Just because Xiao Fan was leaving before,Once told her,It may take a little longer to leave this time,so,Suddenly I knew he had come back like this,Naturally full of surprises。
Seeing my face thinking about it,Xiao Fan couldn’t help lowering his head and lightly kissed Lin Yuner’s lips,After that, I just sat next to Lin Yoona,Said:“Yes,I am back!”
“but,Didn’t you say it will take a long time??”Lin Yuner asked。
“Yes!Originally time is still a long time,But who makes me have a dreamer waiting for me!So I will come back non-stop。”Xiao Fan hugged Lin Yoona and said。
“Humph!Just you can talk!”
That’s what Lin Yoona said,but,But after listening to Xiao Fan’s words in my heart,Happy,Don’t mention how sweet the bottom is。
“I am not kidding。”Xiao Fan raised his hand and couldn’t help scratching the bridge of Lin Yuner’s nose,Said spoilingly。
“OK,I know!”Lin Yoona said with a smile。
“Take a look,what is this?”Xiao Fan finished,Is raising a hand,Put it in front of Lin Yoona。
“What is it?”Lin Yuner raised her head questioningly and said to Xiao Fan。
Say,In the past, when Xiao Fan had something to travel,,It’s not that I didn’t bring gifts to Lin Yoona.,But he has never been as mysterious as he is today。
so,Xiao Fan today,For Lin Yoona,That is also a little different。
“Do you want to guess!”Xiao Fan still didn’t mean to open his palm。
I don’t know that Lin Yoona’s eyes widened,Then he said:“Don’t,I don’t want to guess,I can’t guess anyway,Just tell me!”

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