Especially one more place,That’s a lot of room for manipulation。

Qin Feng already knew Liu Jiajun’s actions,But he asked hesitantly:“Did someone tell you about this??”
“Yes,Someone wants to list that place too,Because always like this,That is not much good,You see what i mean?”
Huang Junjie is also very direct,Because those people are worried that Qin Feng will not eat soft or hard,This is for someone to come over。
Qin Feng’s mood is also a bit complicated,He really doesn’t want to accept there,But his reason tells him,There is no need for such a grudge。
Thought of here,Qin Feng gritted his teeth and said:“This matter can be considered,But I also have something to say,Dachen Village must follow our plan。”
And where David has already gotten,Then we don’t want it,Let’s bypass that place,Isolated。
“Holding grass。”Huang Junjie thought it would turn around,This one thing can be done,But who knew Qin Feng was so stubborn。
He hesitated:“Big brother,Really a word,Listen to brother,Can you not be so stubborn?It’s easy for you to let things go in an uncontrollable direction。”
Qin Feng said with a smile:“I know,But you know what David wants to do tonight?I guess I want to win over other villages to isolate us。”
You also know our places,There are not many roads,If other villages are really cruel to do such things,Then……
Some things need not be said,But everyone understands very。
The reason why Qin Feng is so angry is because David is not careful,If that guy is a little particular about things,Qin Feng wouldn’t make trouble like this。
Think about David’s appearance until now,That’s always a non-human thing,Always want to trouble them。
Huang Junjie groaned and said:“Then i get it。”
Huang Junjie knows a lot of things can’t be said,Qin Feng can’t smile at all。
of course,Even Huang Junjie can’t do such a thing,Who is not alone,Why should I be treated like this?,Still smiling?
Qin Feng was also relieved,If Huang Junjie persists,,He is also somewhat passive。
The relationship between two people is so good,Because the people outside have problems like this,That’s also a bad thing。
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